Shadowbrook Restaurant: Capitola’s Landmark Dining Experience

Shadowbrook Restaurant Capitola

Shadowbrook is a complex restaurant—it has received accolades for being everything from “Most Romantic Restaurant” (as reported by many newspapers, magazines, and web sites) to “Top 10 Places Nationwide for Dining With Kids Near the Beach” (from USA Today). But there is a simple fact that hasn’t changed during its 67-year history: Shadowbrook serves top-notch food accompanied by stellar service. [Read more…]

10 Must-Try Sandwiches in Santa Cruz County

Best Santa Cruz SandwichesPhoto: Hoisin Pork Sandwich from Charlie Hong Kong

There are so many terrific sandwiches in Santa Cruz County, it’s hard to pick a favorite.  So I’ve picked 10 scrumptious sandwiches – well actually, nine, because I’d like you, dear readers, to select the 10th one!  You can do this by posting a comment that mentions a sandwich you love from somewhere in Santa Cruz County, that didn’t make it on the list.  I can’t wait to hear about a few “must-try” sandwiches that I have never eaten!

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