Shopping Santa Cruz

Shopping in Santa Cruz is exactly what you might expect.
From hip boutique clothing stores to quirky thrift shops, the stores in Santa Cruz are full of character and charm. Pacific Avenue in Downtown Santa Cruz is the heart of the local shopping scene, but it isn't the only place to find those one of a kind stores worth making a trip from out of town to visit.
The Capitola Village is a favorite of tourists, partially for its beach and restaurants, but also for the shopping. The Swift Street Courtyard over on the Westside is a relatively new hot spot for shopping, dining and wine tasting. Pleasure Point is also full of one of a kind local stores ranging from surf shops to boutiques to second hand stores.

Santa Cruzans on Etsy

Santa Cruz Crafts & Artists on Etsy

Etsy is known for being a place that brings the global world of unique, handcrafted items right to your doorstep via the internet.

But did you know that you can use Etsy to shop local as well?

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Sawyer Land & Sea Supply: Outfitting the Santa Cruz Lifestyle

Sawyer Land and Sea Supply What do surfing, yoga and enjoying the outdoors have in common?

You can find quality gear for all three pursuits at the well-appointed store Sawyer Land & Sea Supply, situated in the Swift Street Courtyard.

Opened in March of 2013, Sawyer is located in an airy, high-ceilinged space with solid wood fixtures by local woodworker Scott French that give it the feel of a backcountry cabin.  The roll-up, glass-paned garage-style door at the entrance blurs the line between the store’s interior and exterior.

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Capitola Mall: Big Box Convenience & Local Flavor

Capitola Mall SignMany Santa Cruzans take pride in doing everything local — we eat local, we drink local, and we shop local.

For that reason, the Capitola Mall might seem glaringly out of place on first look.

It’s true that the Capitola Mall does have many of the hallmarks of stereotypical suburban claptrap: teenybopper clothing stores, chain restaurants, anonymous flagship stores like Kohls and Sears, the As Seen on TV store, and greasy food court fare.

But this mall also has a few things that make it unique and Santa Cruz-oriented.

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