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How’s the Market? It’s a Normal Spring Market…Except for One Thing

santa cruz real estate report, april 2015

The following market report is provided by Liz Kroft  & Lance Hulsey of Mainstream Real Estate Group.

Spring has sprung with few surprises in Santa Cruz’s real estate market, but there’s one thing that’s different. Entering into the 4th year of drought means more changes for homeowners from landscaping to plumbing.

Have you taken the necessary steps to meet your district’s mandatory water restrictions?

Before we dive (make that a very shallow dive) into the drought’s impacts on homeowners, let’s take a look at the numbers.

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Santa Cruz Real Estate: Where Has All the Housing Gone?

santa cruz real estate market report, march 2015

The following market report is provided by Liz Kroft  & Lance Hulsey of Mainstream Real Estate Group.

Ask a few locals what the weather was like this morning and you’ll get wildly different answers depending on where each person lives within Santa Cruz County.

Your friend in Aptos may tell you it was foggy, someone in Seabright might gloat that it was warm and sunny, and yet another from Ben Lomond may tell you it was absolutely frigid.

We’re accustomed to microclimates, but there’s something similar which might not be as obvious:

Micro markets.

The “Santa Cruz Real Estate Market” is as nuanced as our local weather patterns. Each city and neighborhood has a unique housing market. This is important to keep in mind as we discuss the broader “Santa Cruz County” market.

Speaking of weather, and our local real estate market, rain isn’t the only thing we’re currently in short supply of.

At this point we all know that low housing inventory is also in short supply.

The supply of new homes is not keeping pace with the job and population growth that we’re seeing in Santa Cruz County. With historically low mortgage rates and other incentives, buyers are ready, yet sellers remain on the sidelines.

What gives?

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Santa Cruz Real Estate: Out of Hibernation and Into a Bubble?

santa cruz real estate report: Feb. 2015The following market analysis is provided by Liz Kroft and Lance Hulsey of Mainstream Real Estate Group.

Yawn. Stretch. The real estate market begins to come out of its winter hibernation in January and February. 2015 is no different and as such the market statistics are not particularly enlightening just yet, but that does not mean there isn’t much to learn early in the year.

The last three springs in Santa Cruz County saw progressive markets, which took home values to new heights. From March through May of 2014 homes (single family and condo/townhome) were going like hotcakes, with a median1 of 18 days on market2 and selling at an average of 99.6% of list price. There is quite a bit of speculation and assumption about what will unfold in 2015 with historically low interest rates, tight inventory, and rising prices.

To put inventory into perspective: There are currently only 1,657 Single Family Homes for sale across Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and Monterey counties. Not much for a population of over 2.5 million.

First, lets take a quick look at what happened in February in the Santa Cruz County real estate market. The Infographic below provides a great snapshot:
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