Sawyer Land & Sea Supply: Outfitting the Santa Cruz Lifestyle

Sawyer Land and Sea Supply What do surfing, yoga and enjoying the outdoors have in common?

You can find quality gear for all three pursuits at the well-appointed store Sawyer Land & Sea Supply, situated in the Swift Street Courtyard.

Opened in March of 2013, Sawyer is located in an airy, high-ceilinged space with solid wood fixtures by local woodworker Scott French that give it the feel of a backcountry cabin.  The roll-up, glass-paned garage-style door at the entrance blurs the line between the store’s interior and exterior.

Upon entering the space, you’re greeted by an enticingly comfortable leather sofa, fronted by a coffee table strewn with surfy, outdoorsy books and magazines.


The shelves are full of high-quality, locally-made and made-in-USA bags, clothing, and accessories catering to the Santa Cruz lifestyle.

Among the goods crafted right here in Santa Cruz are sturdy waxed-canvas bags by Strawfoot, surfboards shaped by Travis Reynolds, Ashley Lloyd, and Migration, wooden belly boards and handplanes by Longship Design (Longship’s Brian Himlan can be found manning Sawyer two days a week), and comestibles such as Pantry House jams and Verve coffee beans.

Artwork displayed throughout the shop is changed every three months, which allows Sawyer to give exposure to different Santa Cruz artists whose themes riff on the outdoor lifestyle.


Stacy Forrester, who had fifteen years of experience as a sales rep in the outdoor industry before deciding to open Sawyer, saw an unfilled niche in the local retail scene.

She envisioned a surf shop that catered to surfers and open-air lovers in their 30’s and 40’s, that felt inclusive and inviting, not intimidating. As a result, part of Sawyer’s mission is to build on a sense of community that already exists on the Westside by hosting events and gatherings.

There have previously been several First Friday events focusing on artists, parties with live music by local bands, and a fundraiser for Save the Waves.  With future events, Stacy will be aiming to highlight community-gathering by hosting talks and workshops by researchers and craftsmen doing work relevant to the Sawyer vision, as well as screenings of outdoor- and surf-related movies. Starting in summer of 2014, Sawyer will also start renting wooden handplanes, paipos, and high-end surfboards for locals and tourists alike to try out.

Sawyer surf shop

The name Sawyer was chosen in memory of Stacy’s grandfather. A sawyer in the High Sierras in the 1940’s, he was elemental in shaping Stacy’s love for being out in nature. The store’s name also plays on the spirit of Tom Sawyer, always ready for an adventure.

By showcasing surfing and yoga gear as well as camping accessories, Sawyer can help you fulfill that fantasy of packing up your car and taking off for a weekend of car camping, surfing, and the pursuit of happiness in the great outdoors. It’s clear that Sawyer’s emphasis is on having fun in, on or out of the water.

Sawyer Land & Sea Supply
402 Ingalls St.
Santa Cruz, CA
(831) 458-3466

About Delphine Foo-Matkin

Delphine Foo-Matkin recently finished a 2-year adventure surfing around the world with her husband and blogging along the way at Surfing Round The World. Her passions include writing, learning new skills, exploring Santa Cruz, and crafting with fibers and fabrics, but her first love will always be surfing.