Get Stoked On Social: Santa Cruz’s Best Facebook Pages

Santa Cruz FacebookDo you know the best local Facebook pages in Santa Cruz?

If not, keep reading.  If so, keep reading and then add your favorite accounts in the comments section.

Following up on my Twitter list of Santa Cruz’s best, it made sense to do the same thing for Facebook, so here it is!
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Get Stoked on Social: Santa Cruz’s Best Twitter Accounts

Twitter Santa CruzDepending on whether you’re on Twitter or not, you’ve either heard the phrase or said it yourself in regard to the simple, yet somehow befuddling, social media platform:

“I don’t know what I would say.”

Believe it or not, you can just listen … and you probably should. Twitter is a real-time circus of information where there are perpetual conversations happening around every topic you can imagine, including Santa Cruz.

Every “best of” list is imperfect and this one is no exception. I encourage readers to add their favorite local accounts (or your own) in the comments section below.

For the quick and dirty version of Santa Cruz’s best Tweeters, I’ve added these accounts to a Twitter list for easy following.
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Hell on Wheels: The Santa Cruz Derby Girls

Santa Cruz Derby Girls

Part Mardi Gras on wheels and part rockabilly hockey without the puck, women’s roller derby is the type of sexy, sporty, full-contact entertainment that fits Santa Cruz perfectly.

These are your Santa Cruz Derby Girls and they go by stage names like Pippi Hard Socking, Inflict Her Pain, Shamrock N. Roller, Liv N. Letdie, Sharon D. Payne and Bettie the Kid.

The names may be in good fun, but on the flat track, they’re all business. The action is real, the outcome matters and Santa Cruz loves every second of this hip-checking, thigh-bruising sport on skates.

Players wear a mouthpiece, helmet, as well as elbow, knee, and wrist pads, which only slightly absorb the inevitable crashes that occur in a full contact sport on quad skates. As you would expect, injuries are common for roller derby skaters.

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