Santa Cruz Brewery Breakdown

Santa Cruz Brewery Breakdown

Microbreweries and taprooms in Santa Cruz have become almost as ubiquitous as Starbucks over the past two or three years. However, unlike this multinational coffee megacrop, they’re all unique, small businesses that foster community and create really tasty artisanal beer.

We here at Santa Cruz Life are very excited about this new microbrewery trend and thought our readers could use some help narrowing down which one (or two or three) to visit each weekend or after a long day at work.

This is a comprehensive breakdown of the tasty microbreweries, alehouses, and tap rooms that Santa Cruz County has to offer.
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Coming to Terms with the New Arana Gulch

Arana Gulch Multi-Use Trails

The completion of the Arana Gulch multi-use trail project connecting Broadway and Brommer Streets has stirred up a lot of mixed feelings amongst Santa Cruz locals.

Some people are outraged that this mostly untouched 68-acre green space has been torn up by tractors, fenced off, and partly paved over. But others are enjoying the many positive results of this project including bike safety, increased accessibility, and surprisingly, a chance at survival for an endangered and endemic subspecies of Santa Cruz tarplant.
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Santa Cruz Hikes: Land of Medicine Buddha

land of medicine buddha hike in santa cruz

We ask all hikers to be courteous and to respect Land of Medicine Buddha and their guests attending retreats. Please note that day use hours are as follows:

  • Weekdays: Open 8:00 AM to dusk
  • Saturdays: Closed for public use
  • Sundays: Open from noon until dusk

Please observe these hours when planning your hike, and while on the property remember that this is a meditation and retreat facility, not a recreation area. Keep conversations and voices subdued while on the property out of respect for the Land of Medicine Buddha center and its community. Group hikes should call the office in advance at (831) 462-8383 to find out if retreats are in session.

Land of Medicine Buddha: Long Loop
Length: 6 miles; 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate to strenuous

If you love the muffled quiet of a redwood forest broken only by the murmur of a creek and the faint echo of a Buddhist gong, it’s time to get on your hiking boots and explore the Land of Medicine Buddha. [Read more…]