4th of July Activities For Kids: 7 Fun & Safe Alternatives to Fireworks

4th of July Activities for Kids

With 4th of July just a week away it’s time to start to nail down those patriotic plans.

If you live in a place like Santa Cruz, where there are limited Fireworks shows then you might consider buying fireworks and putting on your own show.  But, if you have kids, then fireworks aren’t the smartest or safest things to be bringing into your home.

Here’s a look at 7 kid-friendly alternatives to fireworks.  These 4th of July activities for kids will all create hands-on fun for you and your little ones, and are a lot safer than lighting fireworks and running like mad to duck for cover before they go off.

Note – some of these items aren’t intended for young kids.  Use your best judgement in picking out the right toys for your tots.

Red White and Blue Bubbles

colored bubblesLet me guess…your kids love bubbles, right?

Yours, mine, and every other kid on the block.  We all know that bubbles supply endless hours of entertainment for toddlers.  But did you know that you can celebrate 4th of July with your little one with red, white and blue bubbles?

Here are a few options for colored bubble fun:

Buy Zubbles from Perpetual Kid

Outdoor Bubble Machine with Colored Bubbles

…or watch the video below to learn how to make your own colored bubbles:

Sifted Flour Lawn Stars

4th of July Lawn StarsHere’s fun and easy project to do with the kids.  This one comes courtesy of Pink and Green Mama.

Decorate your lawn with stars, and best of all, there’s no spray paint involved.

The process is simple and involves nothing more than a few standard household items.

You can read more about this project, and get step by step instructions here.

4th of July Recipes

4th of July RecipesIf you enjoy baking and spending time in the kitchen with your kiddos then you have a lot of creative 4th of July themed recipes to choose from.

There’s no better place to find inspiration for these 4th of July recipes than Pinterest.

We created a 4th of July Foods board to get you started.

American Flag Eco Wish Lantern

American Flag Wish LanternThese biodegradable lanterns are made with thin bamboo frames and rice paper.

Simply light the eco wish lanterns and watch them light up and float away.

You’ll want to light them yourself, but the kids will be mesmerized by them as they float into the sky.

Buy from Wishlantern

Confetti Cannons

Patriotic Confetti CannonIf you’re looking to mimic the effect of fireworks then a confetti cannon might be the way to go.

These Patriotic Poppers are spring activated and safe for kids 3 and up.

Just be prepared for the cleanup.

Buy from Amazon

Patriotic Pinwheels

Patriotic PinwheelUncle Milton Patriotic Pinwheel

These patriotic pinwheels offer simple hand-held fun for younger kids. Choose from an old fashioned foil pinwheel, or a light-up version.

Think of these as sparklers for kids.  Or not.  Either way, your little ones will likely get a kick out of them.

Old Fashion Foil Pinwheel

New Fangled Light-Up Pinwheel

Red White & Blue Paintball

paintball photo paintball_man_red_white_and_blue_-_.gifOK, I know – this isn’t the safest, most kid-friendly activity.

However, if you have responsible teenagers and you take the right precautions then a paintball war with red, white & blue teams might prove to be a lot more fun than any fireworks show.

There you have our top 4th of july activities for kids.  What are your favorite 4th of July activities and traditions?

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