Santa Cruz Restaurants

Santa Cruz RestaurantsLooking for the best Santa Cruz Restaurants?
Below you will find restaurant reviews and roundups of some of the best restaurants by category, like our popular Best Pizza in Santa Cruz, and 10 Must-Try Sandwiches posts.
Santa Cruz, and the surrounding areas, have plenty of unique dining experiences. You won't find us covering many chain restaurants here. Luckily the local flavor in Santa Cruz far surpasses anything the chains can offer.
Downtown Santa Cruz is home to many of the top restaurants in the area, but you'll also find great seafood on the wharf, charming restaurants in the Capitola Village, and many great restaurants throughout Santa Cruz County.

Gluten Free Desserts in Santa Cruz

gluten free desserts in santa cruz

Gluten-free does NOT mean flavor free in Santa Cruz County.

Whether you are avoiding gluten by choice or if you have an allergy, you do not have to miss out on all things delicious! From gluten-free bakeries to salt-water taffy to lavender-infused ice cream, here is a list of gluten-free treats found in Santa Cruz. [Read more…]

The Dogs’ Dish: Your Guide to Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Santa Cruz County

dog friendly restaurants in santa cruz, ca

There was a long period of time when dogs weren’t allowed in downtown Santa Cruz.

Those dog days are over.

Not only are dogs now welcome downtown, but many restaurants invite them too. The dog friendliness doesn’t stop there.

We’ve compiled the Dogs’ Dish, a guide to over 100 dog-friendly restaurants where you can bring your dog as your +1 in Santa Cruz County.

This list is compiled by neighborhood, town and city.

We’ve also included a map so you can easily find each dog-friendly establishment.

If you know of any dog-friendly restaurants in Santa Cruz County that aren’t listed, please feel free to let us know in the comments. Tell us where you like to go! Include a pic of your pup if you like!

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Santa Cruz Brewery Breakdown

Santa Cruz Brewery Breakdown

Microbreweries and taprooms in Santa Cruz have become almost as ubiquitous as Starbucks over the past two or three years. However, unlike this multinational coffee megacrop, they’re all unique, small businesses that foster community and create really tasty artisanal beer.

We here at Santa Cruz Life are very excited about this new microbrewery trend and thought our readers could use some help narrowing down which one (or two or three) to visit each weekend or after a long day at work.

This is a comprehensive breakdown of the tasty microbreweries, alehouses, and tap rooms that Santa Cruz County has to offer.
[Read more…]