Kids Week in Downtown Santa Cruz

santa cruz kids week

Downtown Santa Cruz is an awesome place for friends and family to meet, shop, dine, take in entertainment, and just generally explore.  But sometimes it can be hard for families to find something that can be fun for both the parents and the kids.

Lucky for them, this July 27th through August 3rd is officially Kids Week in Downtown Santa Cruz — and anyone twelve and under won’t want to miss it. [Read more…]

Boardwalk Family Fun Overnight at the Cocoanut Grove

Boardwalk Family Fun Overnight at the Cocoanut GroveWhat kid wouldn’t want to spend the night at the Boardwalk?

The 2nd annual Boardwalk Family Fun Overnight at the Cocoanut Grove gives kids, and their parents, a chance to live out this fantasy.   The event starts on Friday, March 28th and continues into Saturday, the 29th.

The event includes dinner, free-play in the arcade,  and an evening full of fun events before everyone settles into their sleeping bags inside the Cocoanut Grove.  After waking up to the sound of the waves you and your munchkins will enjoy a continental breakfast, crafts, games, a sandcastle contest and finally, a full day of boardwalk fun.

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King Tides Reveal Tide Pool Treasures in Pleasure Point [Photo Gallery]

Pleasure Point Tidepooling

King Tides have brought extreme high and low tides to Santa Cruz the past couple days, and will continue to do so through Thursday.

The high tides give some insight into how rising sea levels impact our coastal regions.  However, it’s the low tides that are drawing crowds.  These extreme low tides, combined with warm and sunny December days, are proving to be a tidepooling paradise.

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Santa Cruz Snow Night 2013: A Winter Wonderland in Downtown Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Snow Night

It’s tough to beat growing up in Santa Cruz.

Kids here have a dizzying array of activities to keep them entertained, but one thing they don’t get to experience very often is the snow.

That changes for one night each year when the Downtown Association hosts Snow Night, a fundraiser for Second Harvest Food Bank.

When else will your kids make snow angels, build a snowman, frolic in the snow and maybe even toss in a snowball or two?  Sure, you can spend hours in the car to travel to Tahoe, but this is snow right here in Santa Cruz!
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Get Festive! Your Guide to the Best 2013 Santa Cruz Holiday Events

Santa Cruz Holiday Events

Looking for an updated list of 2015 holiday events?  You’ll find one here.

The holiday season is here, and that means there are a bunch of great local holiday events coming up.

Santa Cruz is home to some great annual holiday events, such as the Holiday Lights Train, the Lighted Boat Parade, the Downtown Holiday Parade, and Santa Cruz Snow Night.

There are also tree lighting festivals around the county, great live performances, and even a Surfin’ Santa.

Here is a day-by-day list of all the holiday events coming your way:
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Here Comes Santa Claus – Follow Santa with the Santa Cruz Santa Tracker

Santa Cruz Santa Tracker Maybe it’s because our town shares his name, or maybe he just likes the vibe here.

Whatever the reason, Santa Claus is going to be making a lot of appearances throughout Santa Cruz County leading up to Christmas.

We got a hold of Santa’s daily planner (old school, I know, but that’s how Santa rolls).  We compiled a list of all of Santa’s stops throughout Santa Cruz County.

Three Ways to Track Santa Claus

We have created three ways for you to keep track of Santa as he makes his way through Santa Cruz County. Choose the one that works best for you:

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Turning Water into Milk: Wilder Ranch’s Innovative History

Wilder Ranch State Park

There are few places in California that make you feel like you’ve travelled back in time.

Wilder Ranch is one of them.

Situated on 7,000 acres just north of Santa Cruz on Highway 1, Wilder Ranch State Park features over 34 miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails.

The land remains largely untouched, reminding you of the Santa Cruz that once was, with trails and paths that wind through shady redwood forests and coastal terraces and valleys.

Breathtaking views of coastal bluffs, tidepools, and sea caves, as well as the preserved dairy ranch and living history demonstrations make Wilder Ranch a popular spot for the entire family.

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20 Summer Activities for Kids & Families in Santa Cruz


Looking for some fun family activities this summer?

Santa Cruz has no shortage of fun family and kid-friendly activities to keep you and your little ones entertained all summer long.

Here is a list of 20 kid and family friendly activities for the summer.

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The Top 5 Family Activities in Santa Cruz

Kids at the beachWith its kid-friendly beaches, community parks, children’s museums and epic weather, Santa Cruz County offers endless opportunities for some good ol’ family fun.

If you’re looking for fun things to do with your kids this summer in Santa Cruz, then look no further.

Here’s a list of my top five family activities that will keep you and your children stimulated, engaged, challenged and surely out of trouble!

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What an 87 Foot Skeleton, Shark Petting & a Musical Sea Lion Have in Common

Seymour Center

I touched a shark today.

Sure, the shark wasn’t a great white and it was only a couple feet long, but that’s still pretty cool, right?

My wife and I both had the day off work today so we took our 14 month old daughter to the Seymour Center, out at the end of Deleware Avenue, just past Natural Bridges.

My daughter didn’t pet the shark.  Her little baby arms weren’t long enough.  Luckily there were other interactive activities for her to enjoy.

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