Classic Beach Hangout: Seabright Beach

Seabright Beach

Seabright is the valedictorian of Santa Cruz beaches.

You know that kid who is just good at everything? Star of the basketball team and academic success, who aces the SAT, and somehow manages to look cool doing it?

Yup, that’s Seabright.

Seabright delivers on everything important in a beach. While it may not have the flashy attractions of the boardwalk or the unique wildlife of natural bridges, Seabright might just be the best classic beach hangout in town.

Many years ago the beach even boasted its own castle and is sometimes referred to by locals as “castle beach.” Pretty cool, huh?

While the castle is long gone, you can still take advantage of everything this great beach has to offer. From body surfing and campfires to a natural history museum and great local restaurants, Seabright has it all.

You can bring even your dog to enjoy the day with you as long as she is on a leash. The beach also stays open until 10 pm, giving you time to unwind by your bonfire after a full day of beach fun.

Things to do Near Seabright Beach

Neighborhood and Restaurants

The beach isn’t the only great thing in Seabright. It’s actually just one part of the thriving community that makes the Seabright beach so popular. The Seabright neighborhood features a unique collection of beach houses and cottages along with fantastic local restaurants and hangout spots.

Take a walk around the Seabright neighborhood, drinking in the lush gardens and elegant architecture. Afterwards, head over to one of their many local restaurants for a quick snack or a great meal.

Museum of Natural History

The museum is located on Pilkington St, just a block or two from the Seabright beach entrance.

The museum has over 16,000 items, including animal specimens, artifacts from native people groups, and a collection of mineral and gems.

Get your daily dose of learning in between your morning swim and afternoon volley ball game. You might just appreciate Seabright beach in a whole new way.

Yacht Harbor

Seabright Beach is conveniently located right next to the Santa Cruz yacht harbor. In fact, you can walk right over to the harbor if you stroll down the beach and make a left at the Seabright lighthouse.

The harbor offers a variety of activities and classes in sailing, kayaking, rowing, and stand up paddle boarding.

Fourth of July

On the fourth of July, Seabright beach is one of the best spots in Santa Cruz for watching fireworks. However, it’s been known to get a little crazy, so be warned!

While individuals are prohibited from possessing or setting off fireworks of their own, this rule has a knack for being violated. It may not be the best spot for families with young children, but it’s a fun time for adults of all ages!

How to Get There

At low tide, you can actually walk right over to Seabright from the boardwalk. Take a left if you are facing the water and walk around the cliffs. You will see a lighthouse at the end of the beach.

If you are driving, just look for the giant whale statue across from the beach entrance. You can park on any of the neighborhood streets.

Seabright Beach Information

Hours6:00 am - 10:00 pm
LifeguardYes, in the summer
ParkingOn street parking
DogsYes, on leash
Tide PoolsNo
Surf SpotNo
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