Get Festive! Your Guide to the Best 2013 Santa Cruz Holiday Events

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About Ethan Oates

Ethan Oates fell in love with Santa Cruz while visiting as a child. He has lived in Santa Cruz since the mid '90's, and is happiest when spending time with his family.


  1. What? No Snow Night? I need to look into this. The Downtown Holiday Parade is our family’s favorite and snow night comes in close second, followed immediately with a carriage ride that same night. Love this time of year!

    • Hey Christine,

      Not to worry…Snow Night is coming back to downtown. It’s on the list here.

      Sounds like you and your family have your Santa Cruz holiday traditions dialed in. Hope you have a great holiday season!

  2. Great list, The Holiday Light Train is an especially festive attraction but you missed the great local production of “It’s Wonderful Life ” currently playing at Park Hall by the Mountain Community Theatre; the Boulder Creek Annual Tree Lighting on Friday, the Felton Tree Lighting on Saturday night. Not to mention the special holiday Ladies Night (12/5) and Dudes Night (12/19) at Mountain Feed in Ben Lomond

    • Those are great additions. Thank you for sharing them. I added 3 of the 4 to the post, and will add the Felton Tree Lighting as soon as I can confirm some information about the event. Thanks!

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