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Elizabeth Coleman is an attorney-turned-writer born and raised in the Santa Cruz mountains. Her mom reads her blog, www.realitygumbo.com.

Lupin Lodge: More Than Just Nudists in Nature

Lupin Lodge

Situated on 110 acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains is Lupin Lodge, a clothing-optional, family-friendly resort.

“Lupinites” are socially responsible lovers of body freedom who seek an escape from the stresses of society. The dress code is specifically “clothing-optional,” instead of the traditional “nude” to escape the rigid inflexibility and authoritarianism of mandatory nudity. The only area of the resort where nudity is required is the pool, sauna and hot tub area.

Lupin Lodge chairs

A trip to Lupin offers a uniquely human experience free from mainstream societal pressures that surround the body. Nude recreation includes swimming, hot tub and sauna, hiking, volleyball, basketball, and tennis. Many enjoy staying in yurts or sleeping under the stars or in tents, though different membership options to the resort include just day-access.

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Jersey Shore Wannabes, Bathing Beauties, and Cold-Cut Dresses: The Miss California Pageant’s History in Santa Cruz

Miss California Pageant Santa Cruz Boardwalk

The first Miss California pageant, dubbed the Miss California Bathing Beauty Contest, was held in 1924 in Santa Cruz on the Boardwalk.

The popular Miss America Pageant had started in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1921, and local businessmen and politicians wanted to boost tourism and revenue by making Santa Cruz seem more like Atlantic City. In fact, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was originally designed to invoke the seaside resort-towns along the Jersey shoreline.

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Shakespeare Santa Cruz Presents the Playwright’s Work Through an Edgy Lens

Shakespeare Santa Cruz LogoFounded in 1981, Shakespeare Santa Cruz is one of the premier theater groups in the region, and one of the best cultural experiences in Santa Cruz.

The theater group, which is actually UCSC’s professional residence theater company, focuses on inventive and innovative productions of the Elizabethan Bard’s classic masterpieces. By introducing contemporary aspects, Shakespeare Santa Cruz makes Shakespeare edgy and widely accessible to the audience.

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