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Joshua Vincent is a freelance writer who has lived in Santa Cruz for 12 years. Follow his tweets at @VincentChirps.

Beaches, Barbecue and Free Concerts at the Crow’s Nest

Crow's Nest Beach Party
The Crow’s Nest Summer Beach Parties are quite possibly the quintessential Santa Cruz summer event.

Every Thursday during the summer you’ll find free live music, great barbecued food, idyllic beachside views, and a healthy slice of Santa Cruz life.

2016 Thursday Night Beach Parties

crow's nestThis year, beach parties are every Thursday from June 2nd through September 1st. The fun starts at 5:30 and continues until the sun sets…and then the fun heads upstairs.

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Santa Cruz Connected: News You May Have Missed + The Best of Local Social Media

santa cruz connected: jan

Underneath all the rain we got last month, some pretty interesting things happened in Santa Cruz.

Two local artists were honored for their work and UCSC put on an exhibit celebrating our printmaking past.

A blog post was published that every local chocolate lover will want to read, a high-tech instrument was found on a local beach, and an entertaining video of Santa Cruz from the 1950s popped up on Youtube.

All that, plus new businesses, friends to follow, and the best of the month from local social media in this month’s edition of Santa Cruz Connected. [Read more…]

Santa Cruz Connected: 2015 Year In Review

Santa Cruz 2015 year in review

There was a lot that happened in Santa Cruz in 2015 and summing it all up is no easy task. As with any article looking back on an entire year, it’s impossible to include everything that warrants mentioning. We experienced highs and lows as a community; some offering a rosy glimpse into the future, while other moments left us searching for answers amid tragedy.

We saw some anniversaries of local importance, with UCSC celebrating 50 years, as well as the 50 year anniversary of the Merry Pranksters first acid tests in Soquel.

Santa Cruz got its first D-league basketball championship as well as its first UFC champion in 2015. Pop-up dining hit its stride and we experienced a mini-explosion on the local craft beer scene. An ancient fossil was discovered in Scotts Valley, plans for high-speed internet were unveiled, and a film from Santa Cruz’s past was rediscovered and restored.

All that, plus the best social media pictures and videos from 2015 in this edition of Santa Cruz Connected. [Read more…]