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The Best Places to Get Your Craft on in Santa Cruz

santa cruz craft store workshopsWhy DIY alone with YouTube when you can DIWO (Do it with others) in a sweet local shop in Santa Cruz?

Live workshops take your craft curiosity to a new level and right now there are more opportunities than ever to have an awesome creative experience. Plus, you get to hang out in cool spaces with local artists and other craft enthusiasts.

Craft workshops have many advantages. We connect, gather and get to ask questions to an expert maker in real time.

Workshops are an opportunity to test out a new craft without investing a lot of time or money. We learn faster when someone shows us in person and there is something beautiful about gathering and learning together.

Classes are typically single session intensives with supplies provided or available for purchase. The one-day format allows you to immerse yourself in a craft and come home with a cool project to show off or give as a personalized gift.

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